A Prophetic Generation

The greatest pursuit in life is to be close to Jesus. With fire in His eyes, He waits for you to draw near to Him so He can share His secrets with you. Now is the time to press into His heart so you can encounter Him with greater intimacy. As you encounter Him, you’ll experience revelations that empower you to step boldly into the prophetic life of power He designed for you at the beginning of time.

No matter where you are on your journey, God is inviting you into greater intimacy with Him — and saying “yes” to His call will transform every area of your life, from the inside out. Through this 8-week e-course, you’ll gain a deeper love for the Father as you understand His holy calling over your life: to sit at the feet of Jesus. As you become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit, you’ll learn to hear God’s voice, develop a deeper friendship with Him, and walk in the life of power He’s called you to. 

Through the eight weeks of teaching and practical insights, you’ll learn:

  • How being close to Jesus can transform you to look like love

  • Why your time in the secret place is key for your ministry

  • How to meditate on and pursue heavenly visitations

  • How to pray and listen in a way that draws you deeper into the Father’s heart

  • How to use your anointing to bring healing and wholeness to others

  • How to hear and obey the voice of God in every area of your life

What's included?

17 Videos
8 Texts
2 PDFs
Daniel & Shara Chalmers
Daniel & Shara Chalmers

About the instructor

Like Jesus, Shara and Danny Chalmers have one mission in life: to love. As co-founders and leaders of Love Wins Ministries, Shara and Danny work as itinerant ministers, traveling the world to provide resources that plead the cause for the poor, needy, and marginalized. They’re passionate about redemption, hope, and forgiveness, and about calling people to action to help those in their own communities and in the world.

Along with preaching and teaching, the Chalmers are passionate about transforming Hollywood through film. Both have a background in film-making: Shara produced, directed, and wrote Iris Global’s feature film “Compelled By Love,” and Danny has a background in acting. 

At the foundation of all their ministry is intimacy with Jesus. Both Shara and Danny relentlessly pursue Him in every area of their lives, and they long to lead others to transforming encounters with their creator. They live in Raleigh, NC with their two beautiful daughters. 

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