I'm Honored You're Interested in Joining My Inner Circle!

My goal is to partner with you and encourage you on a daily basis. We are going to keep striving toward the promises God has for every believer. I want to see you walk in the full freedom that Jesus paid for. The enemy is trying to keep your from your purpose and destiny. I was part of his camp for deacdes, and I know how he works. I want to empower you to defeat the works of the enemy and equip you to be part of God's end-time army. We are raising up powerful, mature Christians who will be empowered for victory in every spiritual battle you encounter. I'm going to give you tools to take back all the terriory the enemy has stolen. Now is the time to say YES to God  and live the life you were destined for. Join the Inner Circle Mentoring Community Today!

Course curriculum

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    May of 2021

    • May 4th Inner Circle Meeting

Here's What You'll Get

- Video Teachings Twice a Month - Activations & Tools - Monthly Encouragements - Private Community Group - 20% off all E-Courses - Online Support